How #NaMo goes social

When Obama made history in US one of the noteworthy features of his winning formula was the effective leverage of social media in poll campaign. Another leader who is very actively involved on the social media circuit is India’s Narendra Modi.

Breaking the clutter of a typical Indian politician, Narendra Modi comes across as a very tech savvy leader. As per opinion polls carried out by leading Market Research agencies he is considered to be a darling of the urban Middle class and Youngsters. It therefore isn’t a surprise that he has strategically chosen to reach out to them via social media

Let us look at some of the stats:

Narendra Modi’s official facebook page can boast of 1.8M likes which is miles ahead of the other politicians in India

‘Narendra Modi for PM’ another community page for Narendra Modi has approximately 1Million likes. Also one has to separately take into account the other FB pages that are present with each of them having significant following.

He tweets regularly and currently has around 1.7 Million followers. He has till now tweeted about 2.5K tweets.

One also finds him active on Google + with around 0.5 Million users having included him in their connection circles. He is an active blogger and also his YouTube channel has a strong subscription base of 50k followers.

The above figures are highly impressive as this PR machinery is over and above the official party channels and other propaganda carried out by his fan groups.

A lot has been said that two India exists, one being India and other being Bharat. NaMo has struck an impressive chord with the  Indians through Social Media which typically is his target audience but in order to achieve overall success strategy, social media still doesn’t give significant leverage in India as Bharatiyas still are a dominant force in elections

Also social media is highly unregulated and the most recent incident of Narendra Modi fans expressing displeasure against Advani through tweets was not very well accepted by certain sections of the society.

Social Media as we all understand can make as well as break brands and hence well devised strategy and effective monitoring becomes extremely necessary


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